JatApp: Cryptocurrency Tracker App

JatApp ensures storage of your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in one place. Synchronization with real-time buy&sell rates, you can track your assets at any time.

Why choose JatApp?

We made sure that you can easily keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio. All you have to do is insert Exchange API keys and your holdings. Current profits and trades will be automatically obtained by the system.

How it work


Stats analytics are at your service. Allows to easily convert into 35+ crypto or fiat pairs.


Stay informed by means of regular alerts across an entire portfolio.


Auto-import covers 6+ currency conversion rates. No linking to APIs or wallets needed. CSV expert is available anytime


Identify new and trending coins via timely updates and latest market indicators.


Visual analytics reflect profit, loss, allocations, realized and unrealized profit.

Supported cryptocurrencies

More than 50 cryptocurrencies





Ethereum Classic



Zcash Wallet





Download Jatapp today. These are the reasons why:

Portfolio management tools

Controll and track your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin balance. Archive your transactions history in a convenient visualized manner.

Portfolio optimization

Our innovative algorithms will enhance your current portfolio performance. We made sure that JatApp would build the most suitable portfolio that would multiply returns level and optimize risks.

Fiat currencies coverage

Your balances and transactions are displayed in fiat currency. It's up to you to choose between USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, UAH, RUR and many more.

What we offer

Global Presence

We support 140+ countries, 20+ currency conversion rates. Among the most popular are JPY, RUB, USD, SGD, CNY, GBP), 25+ languages.


Dashboard sorts and sends push-notifications with price updates, trade executes as well as informs you about stop-outs.

Full-time Support

24/7 support team is always there to help you with any arising questions and ensure highest level of customer assistance

Easy Pie Charts

Intuitive visualization of profit and loss per coin, pie charts with realized vs. Unrealized profit data and many more

What are you waiting for?

Start tracking your portfolio automatically now with Jatapp.


Our clients love us

This app made my crypto currency operations much easier. Some features were a complete innovation for me, but now that I’m totally used to it I can’t imagine my life without it! Absolutely recommend it.


Very handy app, absolutely easy to use, I’m more than happy with it. So far the best solution that includes latest news, analytics and perfect fit for crypto lovers.


I’m a fan of this app! First of all, it gives me access to latest news, real time data and my coins analysis. Secondly, it’s absolutely easy to use. Definitely recommend it.


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